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Automatic feeding packaging system
DC-2000X full automatic packaging line with sinking belt
DC-2000F full automatic packaging line with distributing plate
DC-200T Automatic feeding and packing line
DC-200Y Turntable Type Automatic Feeding & Packing Line
DC-200-3 Array symport 3 lines type automatic feeding & packing line
DC-200 single-station automatic justification material packaging line
Food machinery
DJ-2 lateral move type full automatic egg roll machine
DJ-22 full automatic egg rolls production line
Horizontal packaging machine series
DC-250B、250D、250E、250S、350B、350D Rotary pillow packaging machine(2017 style)
DC-450、600 Rotary pillow packaging machine(2017 style)
DC-250X、350X、450X、600X Down-paper pillow packaging machine(2017 style)
DF-350W、450W、630W Reciprocating servo pillow packaging machine
DF-350WX、450WX、630WX Down-paper reciprocating type servo pillow packaging machine
DS-350、450、600 Double-servo high speed packaging machine
DT-450 Without pallet automatic packaging machine
Tissue machine series
DCWT-450 Full automatic single piece wet tissue machine
Vertical packaging machine series
DC-32F Automatic four-side sealing packing machine
DLP-320F Automatic counting four-side packing machine
DCSG-1200 Automatic counting injection packing machine
DLP-320、380 Vertical automatic packaging machine
DC-4230、5235、6845、9060 Vertical Automatic Packaging Machine
Vertical automatic packaging system
DC-4230E、5235E Full automatic liquid packing system
Auxiliary equipment
Screw's measuring machine
Combination balance with Multi Computer
Weight detecting machine
DCZJ Metal Detector
Linear weigher
Mini nitrogen generator for food packaging
DC-32F Automatic four-side sealing packing machine

■ Dual frequency conversion control,Bag length can be set and cut in one step,saving time and film.
■ Colorful touch sereen,easy and quick setting and operation.
■ Self failure diagnosis,clear failure display.
■ High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing,numerical input of cutting sealing position for extra accuracy.
■ Temperature independent PID control,more suitable for packaging different materials.
■ Recoprocating type sealing device,firmer sealing,nowasting in mould sealing cutter.
■ Terminal sealing device,more beautiful bag shape,improving products level.
■ Positioned stop function,without sticking knife or wasting film.
■ Simple driving system,reliable working,convenient maintenance.
■ All control is realized through software,easy for function adjusting and technical upgrade.

■ Suiable for packaging regular objects such as biscuits,pies,bread,instant noodles,drugs,daily appliances,industrial parts,paper boxes,plates,etc.

Type DC-32F Power Single phase 220V/50HZ
Total power 2KW Power for horizontal heater
(four pieces Series)
Air pressure 6.5 bar Power for vertical heater
(two pieces Series)
Gas consumption 0.5m3/min Film material OPP/CPP、OPP/CE、MST/PE、PET/PE
Machine size (L)1453×(W)895×(H)1512mm Film thickness 0.05~0.08mm
Machine weight 400 Kg Film width 120~320mm
Film thickness 5~50 bags/min Maximal bag size 50~160mm(width)80~240mm(length)


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