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2012 China's packaging machinery industry competition

Now, Packaging Machinery has become one of the ten industries in China’s machinery industry. Of food packaging machinery and equipment not only on the scale, and are accelerated to the optical and electrical integration, automation, propulsion. Has made substantial progress in filling equipment, packaging equipment, packaging materials, production equipment. However, 5% of less than the total output value of China’s exports of packaging machinery, imports and GDP are roughly the same. This shows that the demand for packaging machinery in China a great gap in the domestic packaging machinery compared with foreign products, the technological level of the gap is still large, far from meeting the domestic demand.

      The rapid development in the packaging machinery at the same time, the intensity of competition in the market can be imagined, so many manufacturers, enterprises continue to think of ways to the faults of others into its own advantages, continuous learning, innovation can be caught before survival, not be eliminated in the fierce competition and stability to enhance their market position.

      A device, whether from the innovation or anything else around to improve the quality of equipment, to create greater interest and more production value in the transfer, including packaging machinery safety issues, this situation is grim, suffer from this reasons in addition to the management of the enterprise itself, more the constraints of state management and social aspects of the industry is not enough. From the surface, this phenomenon in the perspective of a deep-seated problems and factors are also worth a relevant departments of food for thought and attention. For example, in industrial management, the enterprises engaged in food plastic packaging not included in the food industry and health management areas, resulting in these enterprises in the production of food packaging plastic materials, equivalent to the production of industrial, agricultural and other uses of the products, hygiene and safety aspects There is no provision and control, such as the production environment, staff health, selection of raw materials, production process control, product inspection and testing methods and so there is no special or specific requirements, health and safety is out of control.

      In another aspect, the packaging machinery to pursue the integration of packaging and processing. There are a lot of new packaging technology is built on top of the packaging of new thinking. Packaging new thinking on the means to transcend the existing packaging technologies and products, and other combination of technologies applied to the packaging to the formation of new packaging technology in this area, including the packaging cut technology, packaging and curing technology, packaging functional protection technology, packaging and processing The combination of technology, packaging functions borrowed technology. In addition to the several said earlier, there should be some other technology, packaging technology such as live fresh material. In addition, with the emergence of new packaging materials, packaging process technology With the new changes. Such as dry stretch film appears, making the wrapping, shrink, bundling processes into one operation has been streamlined and quick. Solve a lot of treatment processes for the integration of this packaging, processing, directly borrowed from the packaging mechanism to achieve the integration of packaging and processing to make the packaging more potential and effective.


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