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Significant growth in domestic food machinery automation production line needs

The National Bureau of Statistics" in 2010" China Statistical Yearbook statistical data shows that the average annual per capita consumption of about 5.09kilograms of cakes. According to the Chinese bakery products Sugar Products Industry Association statistics, and mainland diet similar to South Korea, Hongkong and other areas with an average annual per capita consumption amounts to 8 kilograms only bread. With the acceleration of the process of Chinese city and residents’ diet gradual westernization, the domestic baking industry market consumption potential. But for the baking industry to provide equipment and technology support food machinery, baking equipment, and will face what kind of challenge and opportunity?

About 2012 Chinese baking machinery market demand changes, Shanghai KUIHONG food machinery factory director Chen Xinkui said, according to present his personal feelings have two, one is from the breakdown products sales situation, moon cake machinery market demand is gradually reduced, cake and bread machinery market demand is smooth, and the automated production line demand increase; two from the sale of the time, now the buyers first after detailed market research, followed by the product selection, after careful consideration will place an order, relative to the previous purchase is more cautious, but also that the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

One is the domestic market the grim economic situation as well as the white-hot competition, on the other hand is the automation of the production line of growth potential, Chen Xinkui not only saw the two points, and to combine the two, to find a breakthrough point.

" Nearly 2-3 years to enter the market to Europe and the United States, this part will be expected to foreign trade companies accounted for sales of40%-50%." Chen Xinkui is so intended, but the reality is always more difficult than planning, into the mechanical level is higher in Europe and the United States market and earn a space for one person is not imagined so easy, but Chen Xinkui is the march had constructed a clear ideas:" constantly updated products, product quality and appearance of continuous optimization, automation, and constantly improve enterprise management level the quality of staff skills improve."

In the eyes of Chen Xinkui, the four" continuous" seems to be Shanghai KUIHONG food machinery factory is the only proper course to take hold of. Because the analysis of support in 2011 the company growth rate remained at around 30% causes, he was also summed up these points" in the management of the company system, marketing strategy and product quality are greatly improved." , slightly differs only in Shanghai KUIHONG in the future to look into the international market in the automatic production line of market.

" Automatic assembly line will be more and more common, single product will gradually be eliminated." This is not only for Shanghai KUIHONG but also for the entire Chinese food machinery and equipment industry are means both opportunities and challenges, coupled with the fierce competition in the domestic market, the automation reform increasingly highlight the potential of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore," we stand the test," Chen Xinkui full of confidence.


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