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Domestic food events lead thinking process prevention is the key

Encounter" tainted steamed buns"" pork beef" change" the kitchen changes dyehouse" lustrous and dazzling news events, the first reaction if not outraged, at least to" amazed", however, more of these news ’s response is to become inured to the unusual, but fun. The reason why this response, not because we really have the flesh from the heart, very powerful, but because of who I am from the previous experience had seen too many" similar" and" reincarnation".

The frequent occurrence of food safety incidents caused by continuous discussion and reflection. Our enterprises need to become more responsible and improvement of management, the relevant departments need to be more perfect the system and strengthen the implementation of information and the public, scientists need to detect technology progress and science work is ceaseless deepen, the media need to more rational release and guide.

China food industry is perfectly competitive industry, concentration is low, small and medium-sized enterprise proportion is high, the low level of technology, the homogenization of serious, intense price competition, profit space is narrow, with the industry integration and industry maturity rise, industry profit to the enterprise rapidly set, industry leading enterprises will play industry resource integration task.

The next few years, food consumption and demand will be completed by pursuit amount to the pursuit of quality, nutrition, safety, diversity and convenient, function transformation. In such a market environment, the food itself should first of all for health and safety products on transformation treatment, to be foothold and stable development.

Domestic food enterprises basically ignored the following kinds of pollution. First, the workshop environment and workshop air purification, disinfection, changing hands do not attach importance to cause; second, there is in the production process of sterilization the rings not good, not kill all the bacteria liquid material and non pathogenic bacteria, in the product extremely reproductive growth; third, more is current I China still has a lot of production process automation degree is not high, half mechanization in the majority, produced products more contact with people, not easy to control microorganisms; fourth; enterprises in product transport, storage, sales and pay no attention to transportation, storage of the health and condition of the two pollution caused by formation, such problems often occur in the market sales link.

Based on the domestic food workshop disinfection vacancy, called food dynamic air disinfection machine in recent years beginning in the domestic food industry is widely used. Food dynamic air disinfection machine adopts NICOLER disinfection technology, called" NICOLER disinfection technology" refers to the human with the field operation of a disinfection: for air disinfection personnel without leaving the disinfection places, the worker does not have any side effect, the disinfection method called dynamic sterilization. The method of using coincided with the ozone disinfection in contrast, workers will be" NICOLER sterilization machine" open, use process shutdown, circulating kill air environment of breeding of various bacteria and metabolites, workers work rest synchronous machine.

There are comments that, to solve the problems of food safety in China in many respects, still need to make greater efforts, to increase policy propaganda, improve enterprise especially the responsible person of the enterprise to the understanding of the importance of product quality, the practical implementation of enterprise of person of the first responsibility responsibility. Due to China’s current production to manage a mechanism or system caused by quality problems can play a certain relief and compensation. In addition, still should improve market access conditions, conscientiously do a good job of production and processing enterprises registered filing work, ensure the enterprise software and hardware capabilities.

All the food safety incidents, we hear the apology, but saw nobody was punished; we hear a statement, but did not see the specific measures to solve the problem; we feel the pain and reflection, but did not see these transformed into a more powerful driving force of reform. From the implementation of the food safety law, to the State Council was established a food safety commission, from the dairy industry to rectify to various special rectification and sampling, supervision is not big, food safety legislation is not, however, repeated exposure safety events and frustrated consumer confidence, reflection and rectifying still lack of power, the need for food industry once each link and the system of " overall scanning" and "upgrade in the round".


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